Are you an ALCHEMIST? Create your Magical Life…



We all want more time, more money more love, more happiness, more …………….. just more of everything!


How do achieve any of that?

Stop and Smell the Roses.

Ok, that’s not all of it.

Have you ever noticed that when you relax, even if that means you’re so shagged (you’ve got no choice because your body forces you to stop) – you notice that the world doesn’t cave in around you and that everything is still OK?

It’s healthy, normal, required, essential to your soul that you relax. It’s the key to happiness. This doesn’t mean going to extremes and becoming lazy. It’s just about giving yourself a break when life get’s too much. A daily dose of me-time.

When you take time out and relax your mind and body, indulge the senses, appreciate the stunning sunset, savour the smell of dinner baking in the oven, enjoy the wind in your hair and the birds singing; everything in those moments slows down.

In those moments are magic nuggets of happiness and when you are calm and happy, you attract more of what you want in your life. More about that later…

Happiness is a ‘State of Mind’ and how you perceive the world. Your happiness depends on your expectations and mindset about how happy you are.

This quote is a perfect example of people’s beliefs, by Betty Davis –

“You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your expectations”

My man always says,

“If you don’t have expectations, you won’t be disappointed”.

Aint that true!

So if you want to become an Alchemist and create a wondrously happy life, then here are some powerful, practical tips that work (all scientifically proven – just google it):

  • INTUITION – Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances. If it doesn’t feel right – don’t do it. If it does, take a leap of faith! You’ll be happier and more fulfilled.
  • BE GRATEFUL – Gratitude is a powerful “Law of Attraction” mindset. Shift your focus from lack, to abundance. Be grateful for even the simplest things in life i.e. waking up to a new day!
  • STOP STRESSING – If you’ve got no control over a situation, it won’t make ANY difference and will only manifest in illness. I always ask myself, “what’s the worst that can happen”. Unless it means you’re about to die, then it probably doesn’t matter. So stop stressing. Only worry about things you can control. The best way to handle stress is to make an affirmation – handing the issue over to the universe to deal with – that is very powerful.
  • BE ADAPTABLE – Not everything goes the way you want or expect. The less expectations you have, the less life will bother you. So don’t sweat it when things or plans change. Go with the flow. I always say, “if it’s meant to be, it will happen easily”. It’s pretty true…how many times have you pushed and pushed to make something happen and it’s ended up causing more trouble than it was worth? I always find that when I want something, if it all falls into place easily, there’s never any drama afterwards.
  • RELAX MORE – Stop and smell the roses – take time out to recharge and refresh (this is one of the traits of highly successful people). Go for a stroll, read an uplifting book, lie on the beach, listen to your favourite tunes. When you relax, you allow the universe to open doors, creating opportunities to appear seemingly magically.
  • DECLUTTER – When you declutter your mind, your home, your car, your life – you make room for the universe to provide you with what you want. It has also been scientifically proven to create a sense of freedom and happiness.

So take action when opportunities present themselves. Make these tips part of your daily routine, practising them until they become a habit, and you will become an ALCHEMIST, creating a life of magic and bliss.

Prime your mind, body and soul and forge a wonderous life for yourself.

Love and hugs



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