Discover your Super Power

What I mean by Super Power is — your unique gift or natural talent.

Our natural gifts (super powers) are things we find easy and take for granted that we assume others can do.

The Meaning – by Jim Carrey 

Jim Carrey’s powerful message –   
“All you have to figure out – is what your talent is”      
“You can fail at what you don’t want — so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love”

We need to discover the essence of who we are, what our special super power or natural talent is – which is a natural part of our personalities.

The more closely you can work with your natural talent, the more satisfaction and success you will have in your career, leading to a happier, more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Here are 10 Steps to help you find your Super Power!

1. Look back to your childhood.                                                                                                                       Part of the secret starts with examining your childhood.
Think back to your childhood and ask yourself these questions:
What did you do?
How did you fill your days?
What are your greatest memories?
What was the most fun?
There will be a common thread in there that will lead you down the path toward your unique gift.

2. Lost track of time?
 What activity absorbed your attention to the point that you forgot time.

3. Others perceptions of you
 Ask your friends or work associates about your strengths, skills or characteristics are.

4. Scientific assessments
 Conducting personal assessments will help identify key personality traits, strengths, skills and areas of expertise – like Myers Briggs, Strengths Tests, Personality Tests.

Strengths Test –
Personality Test based on Myers Briggs type theory –
16 Personalities Test –

5. De-clutter
From time to time, you need to de-clutter your life from things, people, and activities.
This will free your mind providing clarity and perspective.

6. Time out
Create special time for yourself to take a break from work and life. This will provide the space for your mind to listen inwardly and hear.

7. Daily journal
Record your inner most thoughts, intuitions, feelings and creative ideas. Letting your thoughts flow on paper will unlock your mind and lead you to your purpose.

8. Unlock your dreams
Think about what your ideal day, week, month, life would look like. Write a list of what that looks like.

Action something on that list.

9. Plan a treat
Lock in an event, treat or outing that you would really enjoy. Something that you would really look forward to with anticipation.
This could be a movie, reading a book, going dancing, doing a sport, a weekend away in the mountains or a day at the beach.
What makes you excited?

10. Action
Everyone is unique – a fulfilling and joyful life emerges when we consciously and conscientiously follow our path and along the way discover our unique gifts and super powers.


* * *

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