Glamping, Food, Fashion, Eye Candy and Bling. A girls perfect holiday!


Living it up beachside, Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast here I come.

I have to say, I could not have wished for better weather.

I set off last Sunday, van packed √, clothes √, reading material √, sanity…not quite, but that was the point. I needed a week away to rejuvenate and refresh my mind, body and soul. The first few months of this year have been extraordinarily crazy busy and I was exhausted.

Lucky for me, I enjoy my own company. No offense honey…

After a short hour and a half drive, I arrived at Cotton Tree Caravan Park, Sunshine Coast. The staff are always welcoming and helpful and I was lucky enough to get my favourite spot, under a big shady tree conveniently located across from the shower block. I parked the green machine, hooked up the power then headed off 20 metres through the park for a leisurely stroll along the beach.

I love the feeling of soft, gritty sand beneath my feet, watching the waves pounding rhythmically while the sea breeze whips your thoughts away to be cleansed and replenished, it’s just so cathartic. Ahhh…heaven.

I call it glamping because it is so simple, quick and easy to throw a mattress in the back of the van, bag of clothes, power board and light and off you go. There is ready access to hot and cold showers and flushing toilets. You just pull up, park, plug in and your done, done and done…

No packing and unpacking, no cooking, cleaning or mess. It’s simple, inexpensive and I get to spend my hard earned money on other luxuries like great food, and if I so choose, shopping to my hearts content. Which I did in spades…

My entire week was mostly spent surfing, swimming, sunning, relaxing and unwinding…

My first day, a short drive later to Noosa to my favourite jeweller ‘shhh Secrets’ to drop off my jewellery for cleaning and checking. While there, I spoiled myself with a bit of bling… a stunning modern style wide bezel set emerald cut simulated diamond ring I’ve been eyeing off for some time.  I love Secrets jewellery, it’s affordable and the best part is there is a lifetime guarantee if you loose a diamond.

Secrets is a fine and fashion jewellery brand built around the philosophy of giving all women the opportunity to own attainable, fine quality, beautifully designed jewellery, throughout Australia and the World. Delivered by passionate people.

Then off to brunch at “Gastron” café, Noosa. The waiter was super helpful and friendly. I went with his recommendation and wasn’t disappointed.

Shopping and food done! I drove back to camp, soaked up some rays before getting ready for the short walk into Maroochydore to try something different for dinner. I decided on ‘Machu Picchu South American Bar & Restaurant’ where I had, Swordfish in a stewed chorizo and Roma tomato sauce with potato, fresh coriander, sour cream & lime coconut farofa. I washed this down with a glass of Sangria…delicious!!!

Next morning, I headed for what would become my morning ritual, swimming in sea temperatures of 24-26ºC…soaking in the glorious sun, surf and sand. The weather and temperature consistently perfect-I was in heaven.



After a couple of hours of splashing, swimming and floating around in the sea, I eventually left the glistening water, rinsing off under the fresh water showers provided and headed off in search of a well deserved coffee.

Around the corner along the breadth of the beach from Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba was the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships known as “The Aussies”. These events have taken place since March 1915 and have become a major event in the magnitude of the Commonwealth Games, consisting of two weeks of festival surf lifesaving sport action.

You know what that meant girls…loads of eye candy and entertainment.

After satisfying my visual curiosity, I headed off to find a café and didn’t quite make it.

Instead, I discovered this amazing new and preloved designer clothing store, “Closet Confidential”. Without further ado, I marched over and began searching through the racks of beautiful European, American and other quality designer clothing.

I was hooked from the first item on the sale rack. European designer labels are my kryptonite and needless to say I snagged myself a new wardrobe…well, not quite.

Closet Confidential was opened 12 months ago by Karen Ewart. Karen was very welcoming, cheerful and helpful, providing tid bits of information about the designer pieces I’d picked out to try on. Karen is passionate about fashion and was an absolute fountain of information, explaining the layout of her store by size and style…tops, bottoms and dress’s-making my shopping experience that much more pleasurable, providing valuable styling advice in her beautiful, easy friendly style. There is definitely something for everyone here.

As us girls know…shopping is a sacred experience made much more enjoyable when the store person is cheerful and helpful, not pushy or intrusive and is knowledgeable about styling.

I walked away absolutely thrilled with my bag of one off quality pieces, at fantastic prices!


Follow “Closet Confidential Maroochydore” on ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ and Karen advises me that she is looking at selling her clothes online, so keep an eye out…

The following day I drove 10 minutes to Mooloolaba surf club for a change in surf and scenery, just because I could.

As you can see, I spent the morning body surfing and had a spot of lunch before heading back to camp and more relaxation.

Other great dining experiences were had during my week long glamping adventure.

I highly recommend ‘Elixaba’ Herbal Bar and Vegan Restaurant, only 8 minutes walk from my campsite in Ocean Street, Maroochydore.

Elixaba serve a range of unique tapas, all vegan, gluten free, unique, and made with love using organic and local ingredients.

I had the Coconut Calamari to blow your mind! Made from coconut flesh, served with a herbal aioli and the Gotu Kola Samosa – handmade probiotic samosa pastry filled with sweet potato and gotu kola herb, served with a cooling cucumber relish.

Absolutely delicious…who’d a thought meatless food could be so satisfying.

Another great food night was at the ‘Boat Shed’ Restaurant on the beach, directly beside Cotton Tree Caravan Park. If you can imagine panoramic river views, while sipping on a glass of wine beer, eating a sumptuous meal, then that’s what I was doing.


My last day, after my ritual swim and lazing on the beach reading a magazine, I dragged myself off to the shops across the road for a final shopping binge.

I had eyed this pants suit on the sale rack at ‘Alterior Motif’ earlier in the week and decided that if it was still there, I would try it on. The colour was deep ink navy, ruffled off the shoulder neckline cinched in at the waist with a belt. I figured if it fit, I could wear it with sexy heels and statement jewellery which would be perfect for the show (Velvet), I was going to Saturday night.

Well you guessed it- the pants suit fit perfectly and I got it for a bargain…BOOM!

Shopping done and now for a final swim then dinner.


I clearly had saved the best experience until last. Or maybe it was fact it was my last night and there was a beautiful full moon, or the Spanish Rose´ with it’s delicate fruity flavour and crisp finish. Kirsty the waitress was so well versed in the menu, describing each dish in delicious detail, my mouth was drooling at the descriptions. Kirsty recommended the seafood pizza and after my first bite, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Check out the pic.


The restaurant is ‘Ba Vigo’- Ba means to “go” and Vigo is a Spanish fishing village, as explained by Kirsty-the passionate Ba Vigo food waitress.

The pizza was like Spain in a dish! A beautiful blend of flavours bursting in your mouth, leaving you wanting to experience Spain for real and I can’t begin to tell you how good the Crème De Brule with creamed toasted pine nuts, accompanied with a glass of Sherry for sipping between each mouthful. It was orgasmic!!!

Since it was a beautiful clear night and a full moon, I couldn’t resist relaxing on the beach in the moonlight before heading in for the night.

My adventure was ending, goals achieved, I set off back home Saturday fully rested, relaxed and happy.

Home sweet home.

The icing on the cake to finish off my weekend I attended the spectacular show based loosely on the 70’s nightclub Studio 54. “Velvet” is an electrifying trip to a world of glamour and abandon. A seductive fusion of disco, dance, burlesque and circus, with an exhilarating disco soundtrack that gets you boogying in your seat.

You guessed it…I wore my new, hot, pants suit and felt amazing.


I finished my weekend on a high!

Until next time…

~Fe xo




One thought on “Glamping, Food, Fashion, Eye Candy and Bling. A girls perfect holiday!

  1. OMG I did not realise you were in Australia!!!!! I just sent you a copy of my book….. you may well be the first Aussie to read (it’s set in Sydney and about my time there), now I am nervous!

    P.s. I am so jealous of your holiday. I love the East coast :)!

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