8 More Mantra’s to Improve your Life

 1. Break Through

I’ve made my decision and I know my truth is, there will be an element of speed and surprise with the way wonderful things happen in my life – “Good News – Cause for Celebration is Here”!

2. Empowerment

I trust and believe in myself and I am safe. It is safe NOW for me to be powerful, because I know how to express my power with love.

3. New Growth around Money

I have now had my breakthrough, I will continue to break through, construct my life on a solid foundation and make positive moves towards depositing large sums of money into my bank account.

I now receive and accept universal abundance, which is mine by divine right, under grace in the perfect way and in accordance with divine timing.

4. Health and Happiness Insurance Policy

I ask my angels to help me to release any negative and or lower energies that rob me of my good health and happiness.

5. Universal Protection

God, please put a cosmic egg of healing, love, guidance and protection around myself (my child, partner, family), and loved ones. The places in which we live, the cars we drive and the places in which we work.

6. Use for Anything Relating to Waiting to Hear News

I should have heard from…(i.e. bank manager, mechanic, doctor, boss), by now, it has just been disrupted in order, set back or delayed. All disruptions in the order, set backs or delays are now in my past.

7. Bring about Satisfying Outcomes

Thank you my father, for the power you are sending through my … (i.e. mechanic), to be my knight in shining armour and magician, to bring me expedient and a very satisfactory outcome i.e. to fixing my car…..

8. Use for Delays Causing Anxiety, Fear, Anger or Depression 

  • This is just a disruption in the order of things, the order will now be restored. (anxiety/fear)
  • This is just a delay in the order of things, the order will now be restored. (anger)
  • This is just a set back in the order of things, the order will now be restored. (depression)

I owe these mantra’s to Noii (pronounced Noye), my spiritual reader, for helping me re-new my faith in myself by reprogramming and strengthening my subconscious and soul.

Happy Mantra’ing! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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