Five Mantra’s to Transform your Life

Transforming your life using Mantra’s, leads on from my first two blogs, “What You Focus on is What You Attract” and “How I Manifested My Amazing New Life”.

Here I would like to share with you, the “Mantra’s” I use, to keep me focused on continually attracting the life I want. I have been using a combination of these for the past 10 years. I can honestly say, they have helped change my life around. Mantra’s have helped me change my beliefs and attitude to the words I speak.

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In the past, I always attracted the same type of relationships, both intimate and friendships. I have read a lot over the years about how to change your life and these are some of the tricks that have worked for me.

The words we speak are very powerful. They determine your attitude, relationships and lifestyle outcomes. If you speak ill, you will attract ill. If you speak negative, you will attract negative. If you speak of expecting the worst, you will attract the worst. Speak of and expect good things to happen, and trust me, good things will happen.

Change your thoughts and words and you WILL change your life.

Just a heads up, you can interchange GOD, Infinite Spirit, universe, with whatever you feel comfortable with.

1. This first one is for attracting abundance, for health, wealth or happiness, or all of the above:-

“Infinite Spirit, open the way for great ABUNDANCE for me, as I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right. Only good can come into my life therefore only good can manifest.”

2. This is a great one for ridding your subconscious of negative programing and reprograming. If you ‘ve had a bad run, feeling beaten, negative or depressed, you will benefit from saying this one out loud, like you mean it. Say it out loud as often as you like, or every day, until you feel a shift:-

“I now SMASH and DEMOLISH by my spoken word, every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust-heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings. I now make my PERFECT records through the Christ within – The records of HEALTH, WEALTH,

3. This is for attracting MONEY. There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. Money allows you to make choices in life, which definitely makes life a lot easier:-

“I have now had my BREAKTHROUGH, I will continue to break through, constructing my life on a solid foundation, making positive moves towards depositing LARGE sums of MONEY into my bank account.”

4. You need to say this out loud on your way to work in the morning. You will notice the difference in your day when you use this mantra each morning:-

“I have a WONDERFUL work, in a WONDERFUL way, I give WONDERFUL service, for WONDERFUL pay!”

5. My absolute favourite – helped me turn my life around, repelling old relationships and self demeaning habits I had for 40 years. It’s a long one to read every night before bed. It is very powerful and will allow your subconscious to release old issues at a soul level, empowering your subconscious to attract a beautiful new life:-

“I TRUST my body mind and soul, to RELEASE any negative and restrictive thoughts and feelings. Also, my sorrows, disappointments, regrets and depressions which are money related, I trust will be released. Any other feelings of confusion, doubts, loneliness, worry, anxiety, stress, pressure, fear, heartfelt pain or guilt, I trust will be released. I trust GOD to replace these with POSITIVE powers of optimism, enthusiasm, tenacity, inner strength and will power, while I regain my compassion, trust and forgiveness with LOVE.”

Happy Mantra’ing!

Fe xo


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