What you FOCUS on is what you ATTRACT

Featured poster from Annie Kagan’s book “The Afterlife of Billie Fingers”.

Billie Fingers

It’s funny you know, it just dawned on me while I was mountain bike riding this afternoon, about how true it is that what you FOCUS on is what you ATTRACT.

IT’S JUST LIKE RIDING A BIKE. If you focus on the obstacles, you will hit the obstacles. For example, if you are focusing on what’s in your path, like the tree, rock or pot hole, then you will run into that tree, rock or pot hole. I liken this to looking at the negatives. If you focus on what you don’t want, you attract more of what you don’t want.

If you LOOK where you WANT to go, then you will get where it is you want to get. Or at least you will give yourself the best chance of getting to where you want to go.

I know, because I ride bikes and I’ve hit plenty of rocks and pot holes, thankfully no trees. As soon as you look further forward and keep your head and eyes up, looking through the trees, all of a sudden, your path is clearer and easier.

For those of you who have ridden or ride bikes, this will make complete sense.

The Magic of Thinking Big


You just have to be open and aware of the opportunities that present themselves, sometimes in the form of people that suddenly appear in your life providing answers or suggestions in a way you never thought of, or books that are suggested, all sorts of things begin to happen.

This is called SYNCRONICITY.

Athletes focus on visualising running their best race and winning. For example, Casey Stoner (Australian Moto GP champion) focused on having fun, winning the race and envisioning standing on the top step of the podium. Cate Blanchet focus’s on being the very best actress she can be. Oprah focus’s on helping people. Steve Jobs focused on making the best computer there was. Mark Zuckerberg focus’s on creating the best networking platform, connecting people.

Start Something That Matters

My point is, none of these people were born with silver spoons in their mouths. They all had the same choices we have, the difference is they had a dream and they focused on it. They focused on what they wanted and achieved their dreams and we can too.

Anyone who has achieved anything in their life, has done it by first imagining and visualising how they would like their life to be. They visualise BEING and LIVING the  life they dream and then go about working towards achieving that goal.

When you have a VISION of what you want, everything will start to fall into place, this is called “SYNCHRONICITY”. Synchronicity is a series of events, things or people that appear in your path, that seemingly, miraculously appear from nowhere to help you towards reaching your goals.

The trick is to work out what you would LIKE your life to ideally look like.


The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs

Don’t worry if it seems outrageous. Who cares, just write it down. Get it out of your head and onto paper. WRITING IT DOWN is very POWERFUL. It makes you think about your ideal life and what it is you really want.

Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood

This is the first list I wrote down when my son was about three years old. I was a single mum living in a share house with four other people. My boy is now 28 years old and I can honestly tell you, I ACHIEVED everything I wrote down, and I continually write down my dreams and goals to this day.  My dream list in 1989 included:

  • Own a Honda Prelude
  • Fly to Sydney
  • Travel to Europe
  • Learn to water-ski
  • Own my own business
  • Learn Modern Jive, Latin and Ballroom dancing
  • Own my own home

I absolutely achieved all those things and when I look back, it confirms to me what I didn’t fully realise back then, and that is, what you focus on is what you attract. What I mean is, now that I look back, I understand that I followed the rules without even realising it. I’m pretty sure it was written in a book I read somewhere, that you should write things down and I completely forgot that I wrote that list. I found it one day and realised I had achieved my dreams.

It’s really SIMPLE. Do yourself a favour and WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS and re-visit them in a year or three. You will be surprised at what you will achieve.

Today I have new dreams, but this is proof that it works. FOCUS on what you want and you will ATTRACT what you need to get there.

Next time I will tell you another true story (my story, of course), proving that what you focus on is what you attract. My next story is a true FAIRY TALE romance about how I turned my life around and became the happiest girl on the planet.

If you want some ideas for achieving your dreams, let me know and I will do my best to help.

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I would also love to hear your good news story, so please SHARE them here and help me INSPIRE others.

I hope my stories help you to DREAM your life story, ATTRACT what you want and to LIVE the best and HAPPIEST life you can live.

Fe                                                                                                                                                                         xo

Featured poster picture from Annie Kagan’s book “The Afterlife of Billie Fingers”.


3 thoughts on “What you FOCUS on is what you ATTRACT

  1. Loving your blog Fiona. I can’t wait for the next installment. Real examples and a starting place, however small, is a massive help in understanding how we can make a change in our thinking. ‘what you FOCUS on is what you ATTRACT’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jayne. I have so much to share from my own life experiences and synchronicities including reporting (blogging) on my future dreams coming true. Watch this space! xo Fe


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